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Bible seminar “Abide in me” - finding and living identity in Christ and calling

  1. Abiding in Christ - How does it work?
  2. Your inheritance - the deposit of the spirit
  3. Receive and grasp the perfect grace of God
  4. walk in the spirit
  5. Hidden prayer life and communion with the Holy Spirit
  6. The power of intercession
  7. “makes disciples” - missionary lifestyle in authority and authority
  8. Healing and restoration, the mission of the church
  9. The fivefold ministry and the body of Christ - find your place
  10. "The Lord is coming again" - with strength and joy through the end times.

basic seminar

  • biblical legal bases
  • Faith and grace, the foundations of our salvation through Jesus Christ
  • The Word of God (The truth sets us free)
  • The filling with the Holy Spirit and speaking in "..other tongues..".
  • The Way of Sanctification - Religious Stress or Relaxed Growth?

advanced seminar

  • Deeply rooted in the love of God
  • communion with the Holy Spirit
  • the gifts of the Holy Spirit in teaching and practice
  • Healing the Sick from a Biblical Perspective
  • the Christian church and the fivefold ministry
  • called to serve ( serve in the power of the Spirit )

Prayer that God Hears made easy!

- The Lord's Prayer"

The aim of this seminar is to build our faith in prayer and to motivate us to lead an expectant, joyful and regular prayer life.

The following seminar content will be covered:

  • Why pray?
  • Will God hear our prayers?
  • Pray with the right motivation
  • The Prayer of the Just
  • Pray in the name of Jesus Christ
  • The prayer of faith
  • See the Answered Prayer

The Lord's Prayer":

  • sanctification of his name
  • God's kingdom and his will
  • prayer for provision
  • Prayer for forgiveness of guilt
  • prayer for guidance

"The Tent of Meeting and its New Testament Significance" or

"How do I meet God today?"

In this seminar we will deal with the "Tabernacle", the tent of meeting, and its meaning for us today. In particular, we will look at the items in the tent and what they mean; here we will touch on the topics "Word of God, Holy Spirit, prayer, worship, intercession, grace, presence of God".

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